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Note: as of 12/10/2023 I am not accepting new clients.

In addition to being a creative coder, digital artist and lecturer, I am also a provider of web consulting services. My background in web development stems from having served as an Advisory Technical Staff Member at Advantis; as a Senior Technical Consultant at IBM Global Services; and as a Senior Network Manager at ATT Global Network Services. I have provided pro bono web consulting services to National Space Society, New Media Caucus, Planetary Studies Foundation, and served as Website Director for the 2010 International Space Development Conference. My most recent professional experience was serving as the Director of Information Systems for the National Space Society, a position from which I resigned in 2021 in order to focus on a number of my own creative projects, including several book projects.

The web consulting services I provide, whether for a new site or the redesign of an existing site, are focused on:

  1. working with the client to establish a clear and definite vision of goals/objectives for their website.
  2. performing content analysis to insure consistency with and support of the agreed upon website goals/objectives.
  3. using the principles of information architecture to design a navigation hierarchy by which site visitors can intuitively locate content.
  4. creating wireframe/prototype site designs for UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) evaluation.
  5. implementing best-practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.
  6. identifying optimal and client-appropriate SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategies.
  7. selecting an appropriate CMS (Content Management System)
  8. identifying and selecting an appropriate web hosting provider and service.
  9. providing any relevant training the client requires in order to self-manage their web presence.

Additional areas of web consulting include:

  • creating/acquiring a domain name.
  • in the case of Wordpress sites, selecting an appropriate theme and/or page builder.
  • using Google Analytics to analyze site traffic.
  • creation of videos for Youtube/Vimeo.

For artists, photographers, and illustrators I provide consulting on the selection and usage of print-on-demand (POD) services. Examples of POD platforms include (in alphabetical order) CafePress, FineArtAmerica, Redbubble, Society6, SaatchiArt, and Zazzle.

To inquire about my availability and fees, please contact me either by phone at 847  923  7122 or but using the contact form on this site.


Acronmyn Key for A Web of Acronymns image

For people who are curious about the meaning of one or more of the acronymns that appear in the banner image on this page, following is the acronymn key.

Not an acronym. 301 is the code associated with a permanent redirect used to indicate that a web page has been moved.
Content Delivery Network, Cloudflare for example.
Common Gateway Interface. My Automatic Art Title Generator is an example of using CGI.
Content Management System, Wordpress being a prime example.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Create, Read, Update, Delete - used in database management.
Cascading Style Sheets
Click-Through Rate
Domain Name Server
Document Object Model
Hypertext Markup Language
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl. To clarify, a computer using a Linux operating system that is running Apache as the web server, MySQL as the database server, and running PHP as a way to dynamically create web pages. Note that sometimes the 'P' is extended to include Python or Perl. The CGI programs I write use Python as the scripting language.
MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js. A database and Javascript alternative to LAMP.
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (yes, the 'P' in PHP stands for PHP. Originally this language was named Personal Home Page
Pay Per Click
Software As A Service is a software licensing model with the software itself being remotely accessed by the customer via the Internet.
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Results Page
Structured Query Language - a programming language used to interact with relational databases.
User Interface
Uniform Resource Identifier
Uniform Resource Locator
User Experience
I think you can figure out what this one means.
Extensible Markup Language

Design Quotes For Your Consideration

“The open secrets of good design practice include the importance of knowing what to keep whole, what to combine, what to separate, and what to throw away.”

Kevlin Henny, software developer and author

“A well-designed and humane interface does not need to be split into beginner and expert subsystems.”

Jef Raskin, Apple Macintosh project and human–computer interface expert

“Designers must do two seemingly contradictory things at the same time: They must design for perfection, and they must design as though errors are inevitable. And they must do the second without compromising the first.”

Bob Colwell, Director of the Microsystems Technology Office at DARPA