Earth As Art Gallery

The Earth As Art Gallery is a collection of both artwork and processed satellite images and aerial photography of the surface of Planet Earth. I began doing image processing work on Earth observation satellite images (primarily Landsat) as an expansion of work I had previously done with astronomical image processing and the processing of planetary images of Mars.

In working with these overhead views of Earth, I was struck by how beautiful so many of them were - certainly more worthy of being called 'art' than any number of artworks I've seen in museums. Once I had accumulated enough images, I collected them into a presentation I titled Planet Earth As Art: The View From Space.

As the number of images I had processed grew and given the success of my presentation, I determined to author a book on the subject, which you can read about at Earth as Art - The View From Space Book Project.

I hope you enjoy the images on exhibit here and that you too appreciate the nature beauty of our home world. Click either the artwork image or the artwork name to be taken to that artwork's gallery page.