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Portrait Art Gallery

The Portrait Art Gallery features alternative portraiture of individuals and groups. By alternative portraiture I mean portraits that are created in non-standard and unexpected styles. The portraits I create are done in a wide variety of styles as means of exploring both the subject and novel digital painting techniques. Subjects for my portraits range from the human to the non-human, from people I know to fictional beings. For information about commissioning your own digital portrait, see Art Commissions. You can also check out the Portrait Art Video.

In addition to the main portrait gallery, the following sub-galleries are available to access portrait art based on subject:

Astronaut Gallery

Female Gallery

Robot Gallery

Eye Gallery

Click either the portrait image or the portrait name to be taken to that image's gallery page. Note that some of the thumbnail images below have been cropped for presentation purposes

Madame Machine digital art

Madame Machine
Foxy robot

The Girl From Alpha Centauri digital art

Girl From Alpha Centauri
Colorful SF Portrait

The Grim Reapers digital art

The Grim Reapers
A convention of death

To Be Anonymous digital art

To Be Anonymous
Faceless Ones

Portrait of Amie digital art

Portrait of Amie
Portrait of a woman

The Female Archipelago digital art

Female Archipelago
Island hopping

Priestess digital art

Not to be trifled with

The Prisoner digital art

The Prisoner
Prisoner of the Mind

Creative Angst digital art

Creative Angst
Visualization of artistic mental block

Digital Self Portrait digital art

Digital Self Portrait
The artist digitized

Femme Fatale digital art

Femme Fatale
Stylized portrait of a femme fatale

Impression of a French Woman digital art

Impression of a French Woman
Wide eyed innocence

Girl With Guitar digital art

Girl With Guitar
Musically inclined lady

Tiki Tiki Tiki digital art

Tiki Tiki Tiki
From Hawaiian culture

Madame Machine Revisited digital art

Madame Machine Revisited
Worth a closer look

Algorithmic Man digital art

Algorithmic Man
Aren't we all?

Spyware digital art

An unnecessary evil

Frankenstein digital art

Shelley's creation

Aroused digital art

A defensive posture

Field of View digital art

Field of View
Is all we see all we know?

Semolina Pilchard digital art

Semolina Pilchard
That's no walrus

Seeing Is Believing digital art

Seeing Is Believing
Not necessarily

Screamer digital art

When life goes wrong

Rusty Schweickart digital art

Rusty Schweickart
Apollo 9 astronaut

Old Man Winter digital art

Old Man Winter
Icy visage

Shattered Dreams digital art

Shattered Dreams
Political Statement

Robot digital art

Classic SF robot

I See It In Your Eyes digital art

I See It In Your Eyes
Windows to the soul

Consider the Shark digital art

Consider the Shark
Young boy and shark

Essence of Woman digital art

Essence of Woman
Minimalist Portrait

Astronaut Glory II digital art

Astronaut Glory II
Tribute to the Apollo astronauts

Brigitte digital art

Name that actress

Making A Point digital art

Making A Point
Blah blah blah

Digitally Enhanced digital art

Digitally Enhanced
That's my girl

Mettle digital art

Coping with life

Discombobulated digital art

Definitely unsettled

Disturbing the Universe digital art

Disturbing the Universe
By our thoughts?

Egyptian digital art


More Than Duality digital art

More Than Duality
It's a weird universe

Multifaceted digital art

Aren't we all?

Neon Lady digital art

Neon Lady
Fluorescent female

Net Girl digital art

Net Girl
Look familiar?

New Space Astronaut digital art

New Space Astronaut
Space exploration

Electra digital art

No, not Carmen

Electric Blue Lady digital art

Electric Blue Lady
Picasso inspired

Ooh La La digital art

Ooh La La
A digital starlet

Blue Monkey digital art

Blue Monkey
But is it?

Becoming Cyborg digital art

Becoming Cyborg
From cience fiction

Peacock digital art

Multicolored splendor

Eye of the Beholder digital art

Eye of the Beholder
How clear is your vision?

Portrait of a Cyberman digital art

Portrait of a Cyberman
A Dr. Who cyborg

Eye of the Storm digital art

Eye of the Storm
An inner storm

Family Gathering digital art

Family Gathering
An awkward affair

Regret digital art

For a million missteps

Cocktail Party digital art

Cocktail Party
Colorful blur of a party

What is a face, really? Its own photo? Its make-up? Or is it a face as painted by such or such painter? That which is in front? Inside? Behind? And the rest? Doesn't everyone look at himself in his own particular way? Deformations simply do not exist.

Pablo Picasso