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2011 DucKon Science Fiction Convention

2017 Capricon Science Fiction Convention

2018 Capricon Science Fiction Convention

2019 Year in Review

A Gallery Full of Space Settlement Art

A Mobile Friendly Artsnova Blog

A Musecon Review

A Personal Perspective on NASAs New Direction

A Redesigned Artsnova Website Part 1

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

A Space Art Gallery for NSS

A Space Election Year

A Space Music Concert and Space Art

A Temporary PC Speedup for Graphics Work

A Vacation Car Rental Adventure

A Visit to the Harper College Art Gallery

A Week of Space Tech

A Weekend of Art and Space at Capricon 2015

Ad Blockers and My Art Title Generator

Adobe Creative Cloud and the Photoshop Photography Program

AI Generated Art - The Story Behind The Alien Biomech Portrait

Algorithmic Abstract Art Orientation

Algorithmic Portrait Painting Technique

Amazing Creations Digital Art Contest

Ambient Recursion Algorithmic Art

American Photo Issue Review

An Art Review and Party Lines Update

Anak Krakatau aka Krakatoa Volcano

Art And The Exploration of Space Lecture

Art and the Promotion of Space Exploration

Art Exhibit and Web Site Updates

Art Exhibit at Advocate Good Shepard Hospital in Barrington IL

Art Magazines and My Ith Rule of Composition

Art Quotes and Artists Art Materials USA 2009

Art Show and Showing Art

Art Show New Art Art Open

Artist Reception and New Art

Artists Reception And Poetry Reading in Arlington Heights IL

Artsnova Digital Art Gallery Mobile Friendly At Last

Artsnova Digital Art Website Now Live

Astronomers Take the Sharing the Universe Survey

Astronomical Art Algorithmic Art and Science Fiction

Astronomical Art Nice Surprise

Astronomy Day

Astrophotography and Large Telescopes Workshop

Atmospheric Disturbance Added to Computer Art Gallery

AVG Anti Virus and Comodo Firewall To The Rescue

Bad End to a Great Vacation

Barrington Cultural Arts Center Internet Class for Artists and Photographers

Best Day and Time for Art Sales on Redbubble

Best of Earth As Art Contest

Best Times to Post to Facebook Linkedin and Twitter

Bionic Cnidaria Computer Art

BLUECANVAS Art Contest and New Art

Blurb vs Lulu to Publish an Art Book

Book Review NASA ART 50 Years of Exploration

Bryce Canyon National Park Antique Landscape Digital Art

Buying A New Computer

Call for Artists for Space Solar Power

Call for Submissions to Media N Journal of the New Media Caucus

Can You Classify That Galaxy

Capricon 32 Science Fiction Convention

Capricon Science Fiction Convention 2009

Capricon Science Fiction Convention 2011 Debriefing

Capricon Science Fiction Convention Artificial Intelligence 2013

Capricon Science Fiction Convention Review 2008

Capricon Science Fiction Convention Review 2016

CB Model Pro Beta Version

Challenger Center Student Art Contest

Chicago Art Open Preview and Benefit Party

Chicago Lake FX Summit and Expo for Artists

Chicago Tribune and Polling Distortion

Classic Science Fiction Videos and Future Predictions at SciFi DriveIn

Color Recording in Motion

Comet Spotting Pan STARRS

Computational Synthesis Generative Algorithmic Art

Congressman Kirk and Space Solar Power

Contemporary Art Vanity Art Book

Context Free Art

Corporate Gallery Artists Reception

Creating An Art Inventory

Creative Coding Software Tools Processing openFrameworks Cinder

Day at Yerkes Observatory Mars and Astronomical Art

Day in Washington DC

Desert Reality

Designing a Spaceship

Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Digital Art and Unintended Consequences

Digital Photography Photoshop and the Spaceship Under Glass

Disappointment with Chicago Artists Coalition

Does Photoshop Auto Levels Reveal Mars True Colors

Dont Be Alarmed Now

Doomed Diskettes

Duckon Party Lines Art Exhibit

Duckon Science Fiction Convention Programming

DucKon SF Convention and Schedule

Dust Storm on Planet Dune Science Fiction Art

Earth As Art Astronomy Day Program

Earth Islands Moon and Music Calendars for 2017

Edgar Allan Poe Portrait Using The Raven

Enhanced Vision Digital Video

Enterprise Orbiter Design Contest

Euclidean Chaos Abstract Algorithmic Art

European Southern Observatory Messenger

Exoplanet in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Flickr the Library of Congress and Titanic Survivors

Frank Lloyd Wright Planning and Sledgehammers Quote

Free Astronomy and Space Exploration Courses

Free Software Alternatives to Adobe CS6

Free Software Downloads Bryce Daz Studio and Hexagon

Fresh Brewed Coffee Digital Art

From A Creative Block Comes An Artists Creative Angst

From Burma Shave to Digital Art

From Capricon to Floral Photography

From Mensa Halloweem to Windycon Science Fiction Convention

From One Con to Another and Apollo Art

Fundraiser with Dancing Music and Art

Gallery of Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings

Generative Art and the Mona Lisa Meme

Generative Art plus Instagram and Pinterest at Musecon

Generative Artworks Hades to Oblivion

Goodbye Facebook Fan Page Widget

Google Image Search Now Dumber

Grand Opening of Adobe Museum of Digital Media

Happy Birthday to First Lady Laura Bush

Hello world

Hiking Moraine Hills State Park

How to Prepare Your Art for Galleries Seminar

Hubble 3D IMAX Movie

Hubbles Universe Presentation for Astronomy Day

HubbleSite Artists Concept of Nearest Exoplanet to Our Solar System

I Never Knew I Had A Style

Illinois Art Fairs Calendar

Illinois Senate Battles for Planet Pluto

Image Processing and Telling RGB HSB Color Lies

Imaging by Numbers Art Exhibit

Imaging Mars at Astronomy Day

Imaging Mars for Naperville Astronomical Association

Instagram Twenty20 and Picture Sharing Selling

International Space Development Conference 2007 Photo Gallery

International Space Development Conference Day 1

International Space Development Conference Day Two

Is It Art

ISDC Presentation Schedule

ISDC Space Settlement Art Contest Presentation

Its All A Conspiracy

Judging Art for the Humans in Space Youth Art Competition

Judging the 2014 NSS Space Settlement Student Art Contest

Judging the NASA Life and Work on the Moon Art Contest

Judging the NASA Lunar Art Contest

June in Review New Art and a Vacation

Juno Perijove 8 View of Jupiter Generative Space Art

Knobcon 4 and The Raiders Of The Lost Arp

Learning YouTube and Movie Maker

Life Pulse New Digital Abstract Art

Makers Faire Milwaukee Charon Wallpaper and Art Workflow

Making Astronomical Art with Your PC

Mars Imaging Presentation for Pixel Camera Club

Mars Phoenix Lander Interview

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Data Released

Mensa Algorithmic Art and Monty Python

Mixed Bag for August

Mobile Processing Conference UIC Innovation Center

Moon Calendar for Zazzle

Musecon 2012 Convention Itasca IL

Musecon 2013 Creatives Convention

Musecon Review

My Art Blog Posting History

My astronomy web site Astronomical Adventures

My Social Media Holiday

My Weekend at DucKon

Nabaroo for Artists Review

NASA Space Art Contest The Moon Back to the Future

NASAView Limitations

National Space Society Heinlein Award

New Abstract Art Fizzy Goodness

New Algorithmic Art and a Processing Tutorial

New Art a Poem and Digital Art Reflections

New Art Additions to the Artsnova Space Art Gallery

New Art and the Artsnova Web Site Redesign

New Art Digital Rain

New Art Emergent Hand

New Art Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

New Art

New Landscape Art Coastal Cliffs At Sunset

New NSS Space Art Gallery

New Photography Web Site

New Space Art Moon Assembly Required

New Space Art Titan Landscape

New Version of Photoshop FITS Liberator 2.2 Released

New Wacom Tablet Intuos4

New Website Design for Artsnova

NewSpace Frontier and Astronomy Day

Northwest Cultural Council Artists Reception

NSS 2006 Space Settlement Art Contest

NSS 2015 International Student Art Contest

NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest

NSS Space Settlement Art Contest

Online Order Processing Article

OpenSCAD 3D Objects and 3D Printing

Orbital Decay Interactive Algorithmic Art

Orion Nebula Sans Stars Astronomical Art

Paint Heads Like Picasso

Paper Salt Solution Electricity Art

Phoenix Lander Safely on Mars

Photography at Navy Pier

Photography Composition Color Contrast

Photoshop Filters Speed

Photoshop for Astronomy

Photoshop for Web Site Design

Photoshop NSS Banner Lets Build a Future Together

Pierre Auguste Renoir The Umbrellas Algorithmic Interpretation Video

Pillar of Rock at Grand Canyon National Park

Pinterest for Business

Pirates of the Capricon Science Fiction Convention

Pluto and the NASA New Horizons Mission

Pluto New Horizons Pluto Palooza Art and Talk

Pluto New Horizons Program Update

Portrait Art Video Project

Portrait Gallery Added To Artsnova

Processing Bush Obama BushBama

Processing Finding Beauty in Math

Processing js and Animated Ellipses on Artsnova

Product Sales on Redbubble by Product Type

Pursuit of Creative Coding Failures

Puzzle Sphere for the Sphere Project

Quantum Moon Space Art

Quantumscapes The Art of Stephan Martiniere

Quotes Quotes and more Quotes

Recovering From ISDC

Redbubble Review and Free Wallpaper Art

Reflections on the 2018 International Space Development Conference

Relativity of Size and Numbers

Remembering Apollo

Review of Serif PanoramaPlus 1

Review Photographic Moon Book

Roadmap to Space Settlement 2014 International Student Art Contest

Sagan video Glorious Dawn Art Meets Science

Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival

SEA Conference for Self Employment In The Arts 2018

SEA Self Employment in the Arts conference

Seaside Generative Art Rip off

SEDS Space Art Contest

Selling Art on Crated

Selling Your Digital Photography

Send A Christmas Card to the ISS Crew

Simple Android Processing Painting Sketch

Small Stars of Exoplanets

So Thats What I Look Like

Social Networking and Robotic Space Exploration

Space Art and Astronomical Art for Mensans

Space Art and Astronomy Day

Space Art and Web Programming

Space Art Contests Galore

Space Art for Mensa

Space Art Lunar Bases and Space in Chicago

Space Art Presentation

Space Art Program At Elmhurst Art Museum

Space Art Space Video Martians by ZIA

Space Artist Alan Bean Radio Interview

Space Artist Michael Carroll wins 2006 Lucien Rudaux Memorial Award

Space Globalization for Astronomy Day 2016

Space Settlement Art Contest Winners Announced

Space Settlement Student Art Contest

Spam and Linkedin Groups

Spam Spam Spam Spam Comments

Spectacular Cassini Panorama of Saturn

St. Louis and the Gateway to Space Conference

Stop Illinois Internet Tax Bill

STS 117 Atlantis and International Space Station Pass

Swimming Eye Video

Swirly Planetary Rings and Photoshop

Synthesizer Art and Photography Calendar 2016

Teaching Computers to Appreciate Art

The 2007 Windycon Science Fiction Convention

The 2008 Windycon Science Fiction Convention

The 2010 NASA Moon Art Contest

The 2011 Windycon Science Fiction Convention

The 2020 Capricon Science Fiction Convention

The Art Exhibit Art Gallery Art Talk and Algorithmic Art Tutorial

The Artwork of John Lennon Show and Sale

The Clouds of Ambera

The Cost of Art Appreciation

The Gift of Art for Christmas

The Me Sphere

The Neophyte Pixel Pusher

The Passing of Dr Ernst Stuhlinger

The Religion of the Face on Mars

The Simple 30 Second Guide to Distinguishing Astronomical Space and Science Fiction Art

The Universe According to Monty Python

There Once Was A Limerick

This Boot Was Made for Photographing

To Be Anonymous Added to Computer Art Gallery

Top 20 Space Visionaries

Trickster Gallery Schaumburg

Tutorial on Recursion Published in CMD Journal

Tweet A Processing Sketch

Unincorporated Future Breaks A 20 Year Drought

Video The Liquified Paintings of Claude Monet

View the Heavens With Google Searches

Vote for Your Favorite Catch a Star! 2007 Astronomy Art

Voting Open For Enterprise In Space Orbiter Design Contest

What To Do With Bill Nye

Whats New Latoocarfians and Talks

Windycon 2017 Dystopians Unite

Windycon Brief

Windycon Dystopia Space and Art

Windycon Science Fiction Convention 2013

Windycon Science Fiction Convention 2014

Windycon Science Fiction Convention 2018

Windycon Science Fiction Convention Programming Schedule

Winners of 2016 NSS Space Settlement Student Art Contest Announced

Winning Entries in the NSS Enterprise in Space Orbiter Design Contest

Zero Energy Abstract Art

Zombies and I at Windycon Science Fiction Convention